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The Boston & Worcester Trolley Air Line — 5 Comments

  1. Wow – this is fascinating to read. Highlights in Westborough include an “Insane Hospital” and “Lyman School for Boys!” My family used to invite a couple of the boys from Lyman School to our house for a holiday dinner when I was growing up. I am familiar with all the sights in Southborough except the “site of village of John Eliot’s Praying Indians?”

    The ride must have been beautiful back then. Thanks for posting another treasure from the Southborough archives. Bonnie Paton Moon

    • Regarding the the Indian reference: We are working on that. We’re just in the process of a applying for a grant proposal to illuminate Southborough’s First Peoples, and the role King Phillip’s War played in shaping our town, and our nation. It’s an untold tale, begging to be told.

  2. Can’t help but remember that Miss Neary, teacher of the one-room school house on Oak Hill Road in Fayville lived at the west end of the Boston/Worcester highway (house now gone was at intersection with Flagg Road) . Miss Neary took the trolley down Turnpike Road every school day to be greeted by a bevy of her students vying for a place next to her to walk up the hill. Of course, it is Margaret Neary living on in the school named for her.

    Another “souvenir” of the trolley: Going south on Middle Road only maybe 100 yds.+/- from Turnpike Road are remnants of the stone ramparts on each side of the road that held the tracks crossing over. From then on out… pretty much a straight ride into Westboro and on to the sights described..

  3. The date is about 1907-08 at least, because the B & W branch from Walnut St. (Natick Junction-in the area known as the sunk-away) was opened then.

    Edward Levay, President, Boston Chapter National Railway Historical Society) – Framingham

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