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New Additions for Southborough History Buffs — 2 Comments

  1. Just found the house I lived in for 18 years (1949-1967) at 5 Ward Road called the Samuel House. We only knew it as the Paton farm. Is there information at the Historical Society about the original owner – says Brigham? Fascinating stuff. Thanks to those who put all this great stuff together. The new space looks very nice. Will come to pay a visit next time I am in the area. Bonnie Paton Moon

  2. Hi, as you see, I do have my own gentle ax to grind… it is to make it clear that there were many families besides the Burnetts who made Southboough what it is today… and still are… which is not
    so very true of the Burnetts, at least not in person. SHS would do well to pay attention to them too… Like Cordaville, a typical mill village centered around the blanket factory… Fayville with a shoe
    factory and their own church and school.
    When I spoke about the book Southborough Memories (can’t find italics) at the Senior Center when it first came out, we had an unusually large crowd… this is a matter of people who feel overlookd
    by attention to the Burnetts, etc. but their families were quite amazingly successful (Falconi… still), Bartolini builders,Mauros, Mattiioli, Boland , etc. other families who built and populated Fayville..
    names not so famiiiar to new people but…
    I want to draw attention to “Southborough Memories,” the compilation of the memories of descendants of the Italian and Irish families who came to build the Fayville Dam (the what?!), and stayed
    to make significant contributions to the growth of the town, especially becoming the farmhands for Deerfoot and Wolf Pen Farms,through the 19th and 20th Centuries and into the 21st. The names
    are familiar–familiar to later residents as the foundation and leadership of the police, fire, water, and highway departments.
    The town’s ” gentlemen farmers” with homes on Beacon Hill and those whose ancestors came to Italy and Ireland to the land of opportunity to work, marry, and raise their families, all together
    created the Southborough of today.
    Easy enough to fill out the people who’ve made the town by drawing attention to the “Memories” book AND the one about the Cordaville Mill…
    Not everyone was a gentleman farmer leaving piles of money for private schools!

    I’m a compulsive editor: (re above)
    It should be “ever-expanding” — then under “Resources” above… familiies needs an apostrophe or better yet “family’s history.”
    Also too many commas in “we have a number of…. don’t need either of them. Don’t need comma after Society,” and before “and are always…”..

    Least I can do is volunteer to assist with a newsletter… like to nclude a few short informative pieces…like Fayville, Miss Nearym, etc.

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