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Mr. David Parry Replies to the Candidates Preservation Forum — 1 Comment

  1. Recall that David Parry was a selectman from 1998 to 2004. Without going back through news in detail, I would wonder what he might tell us about his
    particular contributions during that time. Yes, now he’s obviously supporting more open space and preservation but my concern is his over-emphasis
    on Main Street (where he lives) in the face of plans that were not shared by or acceptable to many, if not most, other townspeople. (removing phone poles
    is one .. practical? of concern to all?
    He emphasizes no more homes and creating as much green space as possible. Do new homes only cost us money in schools (enrollment not expanding greatly and even some
    empty space here and there?) Surely they’re adding substantially to our tax base. It’s not that his ideas are wrong but that over the years we he hear from
    him when Main Street is involved and little else.

    I’m uncomfortable with writing this so late in the calendar.. I’ll spare you any excuses but I do have some.
    Donna McDaniel

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