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Annual Meeting Recap, and a Call for Volunteers — 2 Comments

  1. Just remembered some ideas…not that you have a shortage…

    Hi Michael (et al?)

    Using the display case in the library to highlight the new Society… I’ve organized a couple of displays there in the past… a way to reach the people who may not even read newspapers or look at the Blog.. and good for those anyone who hasn’t seen the new–Include calendar of events and membership info.

    Doing a feature for SAM…”Join This Tour of the New SHS”—some such… They become YouTubes that can be found anytime and for a long time, I expect. I’ve done two for SAM – library talks: “From Cows to Computers” (The 1970s to 1980s in Town). Very many important changes …and not mentioned at all in Fences and not just because it’s a different time frame. The second was for Women’s History Month with great and dramatic pictures though not Southborough oriented, of course, but still—thought right now… could do some research on Southborough women (the Burnett women founders of Fay School to mill worker or worker’s wife, the teachers (Neary, Finn , Mrs. Woodward and those farm women and the workers in the Deerfoot Sausage Factory)…

    I’d be happy to work on a display and volunteer to help get something set up for SAM if/when that works into your schedule…SAM: I’d envision a leisurely tour through the rooms of displays and time to mention books for sale and how to become a member or donate.

    I’m just planting seeds… not looking for any response until you’re ready…


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